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Carole Latimer

British photographer based in Notting hill, Carole Latimer chose her profession after her decisive encounter with famous photographer Eve Arnold. Since then, she has become a sought-after photographer with a variety of assignments both in England and internationally. Hollywood has often been a regular destination where she has spent many months photographing actors in their intimate environments.

Indeed, Carole’s photographs have been a success at capturing the essence of an eclectic mix of personalities including actors and actresses along with a variety of professionals including politicians, craftsmen, authors, musicians, singers and dancers. In the same intention as with her portraits, Carole has used the same approach for her series of “Floating Flowers”. She has discerned the unique expression of each Flower and, amazingly, has given them life. Her photographs lead us to see each of them through a new light and discover them as they truly are. Never have we seen the inner tentacles of the Tulip, the sensuous and silky curves of the Rose or the wide-open mouth of the Moon Lily the way Carole’s portrays those Flowers.

Exposed solely on a black background, those flowers not only reminds us of their striking beauty but also how their shapes and forms amazingly mirror the mysterious deep-sea creatures – a tulip is a glowing sucker octopus and a a handkerchief bract becomes a threadfin snail fish. Unexpectedly, her work also creates a parallel with the sea and leads us to consider the connectedness between nature and the ocean world and how fragile those elements remain.