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La Galerie London was founded by Karine Giannamore as an "itinerary" gallery. Each exhibition revolves around the artists' works and is presented in different spaces chosen according to the type and aspects of the works.

Karine Giannamore has an international background with a Master in Art History (Paris), a Master of Communication and Information (Paris X) and a Master in Museum Studies (New York University) and experience in international galleries and museums including the Pompidou Centre, the Louvre, Galerie Templon and The MoMa in New York.
She has also been on the judging panel for contemporary exhibitions in France (Musée Medicis St Maur) and London (Salon des Arts).

Her passion is to find and promote emerging artists and especially those from France in order to introduce their work to London.

Exhibitions of La Galerie London are always associated with a registered charity.
They help to give “back to the community” by choosing a charity which receives 10% of the profits from the sale of the artworks (see Charities).


How do I buy a work of art? Where do I find it? When will I find the time? Should I buy a sculpture, a painting, a photograph? Is there an investment potential? How much should I spend?
These are some examples of questions that most people ask when they think about buying art.

Buying art can be overwhelming.
To start, it can take time and background knowledge to buy art successfully in such a large and prolific city such as London. For instance, there are 500 registered artists in the capital, 300 listed art galleries for contemporary art only, many fairs and three major auction houses competing against each other, with a wide disparity in quality and prices for works of art.
Knowledge of the art market is therefore essential.

Karine Giannamore can offer personal, constructive and well informed advice to potential art buyers with a site visit (home or office) in order to find the most suitable artwork. She can give personal advice and answer all your questions on upcoming artists, budget, and even where to hang.
This personal approach helps to make the process of buying art enjoyable and easy - whether it is just one painting or advice on a wider collection.